The benefits of massage

Although massage may feel like pure luxury, it also can be good treatment for what ails you or what ails your loved one.

Today it is generally accepted that massage provides relief for pain, muscle tension, and stress. (Doesn’t that sound like something every family caregiver needs?!) Newer research is probing the benefits of massage for specific health conditions. The results are considered “preliminary.” But there is evidence that massage can play a positive role in the management of arthritis, blood pressure, cancer, and depression.

You might consider getting a massage on your next respite break. You might also consider its value for your loved one.

Note that massage is NOT advised for individuals with

  • bone fractures or bones that are brittle (from osteoporosis)
  • open wounds (from cuts, burns, skin conditions)
  • a tendency to bruise or bleed
  • blood clots in deep veins

Also, care must be taken to avoid massaging tissue that is sensitive because of a tumor or cancer treatment. Even if none of these conditions is present, check with the primary care provider before scheduling a massage.

A few tips for finding the right massage provider. Ask about

  • training and licensure: Massage is typically done by a licensed massage therapist. Licensing ensures he or she has had thorough training. Some physical therapists and occupational therapists also do massage.
  • years of experience: How many years have they been practicing? Do they work on many people with your/your loved one’s condition?
  • daily schedule: You want a therapist who is not worn out! Anyone doing more than six hours of massage a day can’t be at his or her best.

The importance of well-being
At [Your Home Care Business] we recognize that health is more than the absence of disease. Whether complimentary approaches, like massage, are curative or not, they certainly contribute to a deep well-being. And isn’t quality of life the real bottom line? As the [Your Service Area] expert in aging well, we can help you and the person you care for make decisions that emphasize a rich and fulfilling “lived experience.” Give us a call at [Your Phone Number].